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Etsy Launched Us!

As a new business, back in 2014, Etsy was what launched us and gave us the platform & confidence to persue our business further.

On 12th November, 2015, our Website was born and we have grown from strength to strength.

Today, we run both out Etsy Shop & Website side by side - to ensure we reach as many of our wonderful customers as possible.


...while we appreciate all Etsy has done for us, afterall, we probably wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for it...as a small business, with small profit margins, every sale on Etsy costs us much more than orders placed via our website.

What we are gently asking our lovely customers, please - where possible, order through our website instead of our Etsy Shop.

But wait, I feel more secure ordering from Etsy...

We completely appreciate this and so here are some ways in which you can feel a little more secure ordering through our website...

  • Pay with a Credit Card - credit cards offer more protection when ordering online.
  • Pay with PayPal - Paypal, again, offers more protection when ordering online.

Both of the above, offer buyers significant protections against 'scammers'.

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If you do have any questions, or would just like a little reassurance that we are a real business, pop us a message!

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